The Ferrari Sports Car

                                             Ferrari 599XX Evolution                                                           An Evoluxione braking hard on the circuit of Spa Francorchamps                                                           during a Corse Clienti

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                                           from Classic to Modern

Ferrari On The Track

                                   Risi Competizione Ferrari 458 GTLM                                                                 A great shot of this 2011 racer driven in the                                                             TUDOR United SportsCar Championship                                                                              as part of Daytona 2015


1973 Ferari Dino 246 GTS                This 1972-74 Spyder used a 194 bhp, 2.4 litre, V6 with a 151 mph top and 0-60 in 7.5 secs. Seen here at a 2015 classic car show in Surrey. Very tasty in yellow

1971 Ferrari 512M                                This 1970-72 racer used a modified (hence M) 5 litre, V12 512S (Spyder) engine. Against Porsche, it had limited success, winning the Springbok 9 Hours in 1970. Seen here at the 2015 Themed "Bahn-Stormer" Sunday at Goodwood. Great lines

Ferrari California                                The 2008 roadster used a 454 bhp, 4.3 litre, V8 with a 193 mph top and 0-60 in 3.9 secs. This example, seen at Wilton House, was previously owned by actor James Coburn, and was valued at £15 million. The MC was Tiff Needell, no less!

Ferrari Dino Spyder                              One of the many exotic sports cars at the 2015 Wilton Classic Car Show was this awesome Spyder. Tiff Needell was the MC. What a fantastic car!

Ferrari F50:                                         This 1995-97 racer used a 513 bhp, 4.7 litre V12, with a 194 mph top and 0-60 in 3.7 secs. Seen here on the streets of Stockholm. Love the artwork

1966 Ferrari 275 GTS                      This 1964-66 classic used a 295 bhp, 3.3 litre, V12 with a top of 159 mph and 0-60 in 5.5 secs. Only 200 were built. A coupe variant gained a class win in the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hour race

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB:                      This gritty 1975-85, 159 mph racer, fitted with additional headlights,   was all set for the 2015 Shere Hill Climb in Surrey

1995 Ferrari F50:                               Seen in Stockholm as another participant in the Gumball 3000 rally. Great pic

Ferrari 250 GTO:                               In 1963 this particular racer finished 1st overall in the 3 hour Daytona       Continental and 4th in-class in the 12 hour Sebring

1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB:                  Nicknamed the "Breadvan" because of it shooting brake appearance, it   nevertheless was 7th overall in its debut at the 1962 Le Mans before     having to retire




              599 GTB

               599 GTO

         599 SA Aperta


      599XX Evolution


               Dino 206 

           Dino 246 GT

         Dino 246 GTS

         348 TB and TS

  348 GTB/GTS/Spyder

         348 Challenge

355 Coupe/Spider/GTS

          355 Challenge

           360 Modena

             360 Spider

  360 Challenge Stradale

  360 Modena Challenge

                360 GT

               360 GTC


            F430 Spider

         F430 Challenge

           430 Scuderia

430 Scuderia Spider 16M

             F430 GTC

            F430 GT3

              458 Italia

        458 Italia Spider

          458 Speciale

         458 Challenge

         458 Italia GT2

          458 Italia GT3


    1960 Ferrari 250SWB

 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa TR57

 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB

1963 Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Speciale 

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB-4 Spyder

          275 GTB-6C

1965 Ferrari 275 GTS 

         Ferrari 288 GTO

1984 Ferrari 288 GTO 

       1976 Ferrari 308 

 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC

 1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

           Ferrari 512S

Ferrari F50 

1964 Ferrari 250 LM 

Ferrari LaFerrari 

Ferrari 288 GTO 

Ferrari F50 

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Scaglietti 64 C 

1969 Ferrari 512S 

The Ferrari Family 


Ferrari 308 GTB 

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB-4 Daytona 

1965 Ferrari 330 GT 

1964-66 Ferrari 275 GTS 

F40 Enzo F50 

Ferrari Togetherness 

Ferrari F50 

Ferrari F12 

458 Modified by Liberty Walk 

Ferrari F50 

Ferrari Testa Rossa

Ferrari California 

1960 Ferarri 246 Dino 

                                                   Ferrari Sports Cars


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