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Triumph Sports Car -

The Triumph sports car, from the Triumph Roadster of 1946 to the TR1-TR8 of 1952-1978 - all the technical facts, performance data, competitive analysis, used prices, historical background, and more

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Porsche 962C Sports Car -

A close look at the 780 bhp/211 mph Porsche 962 and 962C sports car racers which, based on the illustrious 956 predecessor, were victorious in the 1986 and 1994 Le Mans 24 Hour race

Continue reading "Porsche 962C Sports Car -"

Ginetta G4 Sports Car -

A close look at the 1958-69 evolution of the G2 into the G3 and finally the G4 sports car, a 1.5 litre/124 mph/0-60 in 7.2 sec racer, with a successful track record

Continue reading "Ginetta G4 Sports Car -"

Porsche 956 Sports Car -

Taking a look at the Porsche 956, 2.65l, twin turbocharged, 620 bhp sports car racer that won the Le Mans 24 Hour race each year between 1982 and 1985

Continue reading "Porsche 956 Sports Car -"

Jaguar XJR-9LM Sports Car -

Taking a look at the 1988 Jaguar XJR-9 and XJR-9LM, a 7 litre, 750 bhp, 245 mph sports car racer that won the 1988 Le Mans 24 Hour race

Continue reading "Jaguar XJR-9LM Sports Car -"

Lister Jaguar Sports Car -

A close look at the 1954-59 Lister Jaguar sports car racer powered initially by a Jaguar D-Type engine and later by a Chevrolet Corvette unit that was a predecessor to the successful 1993 Lister Storm

Continue reading "Lister Jaguar Sports Car -"

Lotus Mark 8-10 Sports Car -

A look at the development of the Lotus Mk10 sports car racer, via the Mk 8 and 9, which were the first fully enclosed aerodynamic cars that ushered in a series of successful racers

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