The Aston Martin DB5 Sports Car

                                         1965 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe       Image

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Aston Martin DB5 Coupe

     The Aston Martin DB4 sports car evolution ended with the DB4 GT Zagato, production of which ceased in 1963.

     This was succeeded, in late 1963, by the Aston Martin DB5, a luxury 2+2 fixed head coupe, that was designed by the well know Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, and included covered headlights.

     It was powered by an alloy 4 litre, straight-six, DOHC engine, that developed 282 bhp at 5500 rpm, and 288 ft/lbs of torque at 3850 rpm.

     Fitted with a David Brown five speed manual gearbox (all synchromesh ZF box as an option, as was a three speed Borg Warner automatic), an 8.9:1 compression, and triple SU carburettors, it produced a top speed of 143 mph, with a 0-60 mph time of 8.1 secs.

     It had magnesium-alloy body panels on a steel platform chassis, with a curb weight of 1565 kg, which produced both light weight and strength, plus Girling disc brakes all round.

     In terms of the interior, standard fitments included leather trim, deep woollen carpets, electric windows, reclining seats, wire wheels, and even an oil cooler.

     When production ended in 1965, 887 units of the DB5 coupe had been built.

     The DB5 subsequently developed a following who regarded it as the most desirable and beautiful of all cars produced by Aston Martin up to that time.

     In an historical footnote, the original prototype DB5, plus an additional standard DB5, were used in the 1964 James Bond film "Goldfinger", as well as being showcased at the World Fair in New York that same year.

Technical Data                       DB5               DB4           DB4 GT Zagato
Production                        1963-1965   1958-1963         1960-1963
Engine, cc                              3995             3670                   3670
Cylinders, bhp                      6, 282           6, 240                 6, 314
Torque ft/lbs                          288               240                     279
Top Speed mph                      143               141                     154
0-60 mph, secs                      8.1                8.5                       6.1
0-100 mph, secs                   25.7              21.0                     14.1
Standing 1/4 Mile, secs         16.0              16.1                     14.5

                                              1964 Aston Martin DB5                                                                         This 1963-65 classic used a 282 bhp, 4 litre,                                                          straight-6, which gave it a 143 mph top with                                                                    0-60 in 8.0 secs. A dramatic pic

                                             1965 Aston Martin DB5                                                                        This gorgeous Aston was seen during the 2015                                                               London to Brighton Classic Car Run

                                         1964 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe       Image

                                              1965 Aston Martin DB5

                                                                                                                                                              Full Screen

Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

     In October 1963, the convertible variant was introduced, with body styling also by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, and priced at £4,490, a 5% premium to the coupe.

     An interesting distinguishing feature was that the dashboard was finished in the same colour as the external panels.

     A steel hardtop, with an unusually large rear window, was offered as an optional extra. The power plant and mechanics were as per the coupe.

     With production of the coupe ending in 1965, from October 1965 for the next 12 months, the convertible used the remaining 37 DB5 chassis, and was duly designated as the DB5 Volante sports car.

     These variants differed from the earlier DB5 convertibles by incorporating the split front and rear bumpers, used in the forthcoming DB6, and using rear lights from the Triumph TR4.

     When production ended in 1967, a combined total of 123 units of the convertible were built, with 12 being fitted with the more powerful Vantage engine.

                                   1963 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible      Image

Aston Martin DB5 Vantage

     In September 1964, a variant of the DB5 coupe was launched, and designated the DB5 Vantage sports car.

     The outstanding feature was the modification of the coupe engine with the addition of:

  • An improved intake manifold 
  • A head containing larger inlet ports 
  • Alterations to the ignition timing 
  • A redesigned camshaft 
  • Increasing compression to 9.4:1 
  • 3 twin choke Weber carburettors

     This resulted in an engine that developed 325 bhp at 5000 rpm, and 288 ft/lbs of torque at 3850 rpm.

     Fitted with a robust all synchromesh, ZF five speed manual gearbox, this produced a top speed of 162 mph, with a 0-60 mph time of 5.9 secs.

     By the time production ended in 1965, only 65 units of the DB5 Vantage variant were built.                                

Technical Data                  DB5 Vantage          DB5             DB4 GT Zagato
Production                         1964-1965       1963-1965          1960-1963
Engine, cc                               3995                3995                    3670
Cylinders, bhp                       6, 325              6, 282                  6, 314
Torque ft/lbs                           288                  288                      279
Top Speed mph                       162                  143                      154
0-60 mph, secs                       5.9                   8.1                        6.1
0-100 mph, secs                    13.9                 25.7                      14.1
Standing 1/4 Mile, secs          14.3                 16.0                      14.5

                                            Aston Martin DB5 Engine            Image

Aston Martin DB5 Estate

     In order to cater for the hunting fraternity, and dog lovers in general, Aston Martin introduced the estate version of the DB5, which was designated the DB5 Shooting Brake.

     Accordingly, the specialist coachbuilder, Howard Radford, modified the rear section of around twelve DB5 coupes, to produce this limited edition variant.

     As with the Volante, the tail lights were courtesy of the Triumph TR4 sports car.

                                 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake   Image


     Typical competitors of the Aston Martin DB5 included the following sports cars: Ferrari 250 GTO, and the 2+2 Jaguar E-Type Series 2

                                                                       Jaguar             Ferrari
Technical Data                DB5 Vantage   E-Type S2 2+2     250 GTO
Production                         1964-1965            1968                1963
Engine, cc                               3995                 4235                2953
Cylinders, bhp                       6, 325               6, 266             12, 296
Torque ft/lbs                          288                   283                   217
Top Speed mph                       162                   150                  174
0-60 mph, secs                       5.9                    6.1                   4.4
0-100 mph, secs                    13.9                  16.0                   -
Standing 1/4 Mile, secs          14.3                  14.9                  12.7


     On of the DB5 sports cars used in the film "Goldfinger" sold at auction for $4 million/£2.6 million.

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