The Morgan 4/4 1600 Sports Car

                                               1974 Morgan 4/4 1600

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     The Morgan 4/4 1600 sports car. In March 1968, production of the 4/4 Series 5 ended after a five year run, in which a combined total of 640 units of the Standard and Competition models had been built.

     That same month, they were replaced, in the form of two and four seater convertibles, by the 4/4 1600.

     This was powered by the 1599 cc, 4-cylinder Ford Kent engine, as used in the Ford Cortina saloon, together with a Ford four speed gearbox.

     At the same time, the 4/4 1600 Competition model was introduced, and was fitted with the Ford 1600 GT engine, as used in the Cortina 1600 GT saloon.

     Since there was little difference in price between the two variants, customers tended to choose the Competition model over the Standard.

     As a result, in 1969, the Standard version was withdrawn, with the Competition model being continued, but without the designation "Competition".

     The Standard Kent engine developed 70 bhp, whilst the GT version produced 95.5 bhp.

     Between March 1968 and March 1982, when the Competition model was discontinued, a combined total of 3,513 units of both variants were built.

Technical Data                   Series 5 Competition     1600 Competition
Production:                                 1963-1968                   1968-1993
Engine cc                                          1498                             1599
Cylinders, bhp                                  4, 65                             4, 95
Top Speed mph                                  98                                106
0-60 mph, secs                                11.9                               9.9
Torque ft/lbs                                      86                                 92

                                                Full Screen                                                                                                                                      Full Screen

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     Between November 1981 and November 1985, the original Ford 1599 cc engine was replaced by a Fiat 1584 cc twin cam unit, which developed 98 bhp, combined with a Fiat five speed gearbox.

     During this period, a total of 96 units of this model were built.

     Between March 1982 and November 1991, the 4/4 1600 was also powered by a Ford 1597 cc CVH engine, as used in the Ford Escort XR3 saloon.

     This engine developed 96 bhp at 6000 rpm, had a five bearing crankshaft, was fitted with a single Webber twin choke carburettor, and had a compression ratio of 9:1, and was linked to a Ford four speed Cortina gearbox.

     In 1984, this four speed unit was replaced by a five speed gearbox, as used in the Ford Sierrra saloon.

     By November 1991, a total of 1,652 units of this variant had been produced.

     In 1986, the original cam and peg steering system was replace by a recirculating ball unit.

     Finally, between November 1991 and February 1993, the Ford 1597 cc, CVH engine was fitted with electronic fuel ignition, which increased output to 100 bhp.

     During this period, a total of 196 units of this variant were built.



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