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XK150 On The Track

                                                 1955 Jaguar XK150                                                                                      This beautiful example was seen during testing                                                                     for the 2015 Goodwood Revival Meeting.                                                                                          Love the aeroscreens

     The XK jaguar sports car range began with the XK120 in 1948 (12,061 built) followed by the XK140 in 1954 (8,943 built).

     In 1957, when the latter car was discontinued, the external styling was beginning to show signs of being dated.

     In fact, compared with its two predecessors, the introduction of the XK150 Jaguar sports car in 1957, comprising the fixed head and drop head variants, did not create the same impact, which was surprising since it was a radically revised version, including thinner doors to create more internal space.

     The new variant continued to use the shortened version of the chassis used in the Mark 5 saloon with rack and pinion steering, which was still not power assisted, whilst the suspension remained unchanged.

     In order to update its appearance, a curved, one-piece windscreen was added, which immediately distinguished it from its predecessors, with their split screens.

     Further, the fixed head coupe was fitted with a curved and slightly larger rear window, which reflected the current vogue for wrap-around windows.

     The soft curve of the body from front to back was subject to further restyling, which resulted in less curvature, so producing a slightly heavier image.

     Also, for the first time with Jaguar cars, the convertible was fitted with wind-up windows and push button door handles on the outside.

     All the variants were fitted with 16 inch wheels, together with servo-assisted Dunlop 12 inch disc brakes all round.

     In 1958, the convertible was introduced along with the more powerful S-variant.

     The two seater convertible received some body panel modifications with the area between the windscreen and the bonnet being moved back some four inches, which resulted in a longer bonnet and front wing.

     However, there was still enough room behind the front seats to accommodate luggage. Jaguar cars performance:

Technical Data                       3.4             3.4 SE            3.8 SE           3.8S
Production                      1957-1960   1957-1960   1959-1960   1959-1960
Engine, cc                              3442            3442              3781            3781
Cylinders, bhp                      6, 190           6, 210           6, 220          6, 265
Top Speed mph                      132               133               134               138
0-60 mph, secs                      9.2                8.6                 7.9               7.2
Torque ft/lbs                         203               215                240              260
0-100 mph, secs                   27.0              24.2               21.8                -Standing 1/4 Mile, secs         17.0              16.6               16.1                -

                                                1960 Jaguar XK150                                                                                    A great shot of this very smart classic which had a                                                          rather unfortunate number plate. Was seen here prior                                                             to entry in the 2015 Shere Hill Climb in Surrey

                                                  1958 Jaguar XK150                Image

                                                     Jaguar XK150                    Image

                                                     Jaguar XK150                    Image


                                                     Jaguar XK150                     Image

                                                      Jaguar XK150

                                                                                                                                            Full size                                                                                                                                                                  Full size

     As with its predecessors, the XK150 Jaguar sports car was offered in both the standard and special equipment versions, whilst the latter, fitted with larger exhaust valves, was available in a wide range.

     This began in 1958 with the launch of the S-variant, a more powerful version of the 3.4 litre engine, incorporating a straight port cylinder head.

     Then later in 1959, the 3.8 litre engine was introduced in both the standard and S-variants. All these engines were available to each of the three body styles.

     The internal trim of the fixed head and drop head coupes was subject to a change, from the previous use of walnut veneer on the dashboard and door panels, to the adoption of leather.

     Fitted with the new "B"-type cylinder head, the range of engines included:

  • Standard 3.4 litre developed 190 bhp, with a top speed of 132 mph
  • Special equipment 3.4 litre developed 210 bhp, with a top speed of 133 mph
  • S-Type 3.4 litre developed 250 bhp, with a top speed of 136 mph
  • Special equipment 3.8 litre developed 220 bhp, with a top speed of 134 mph
  • S-Type 3.8 litre developed 265 bhp, with a top speed of 138 mph

     The standard and SE models were fitted with two HD8 SU carburettors, whilst the S-variant used three HD8 SU's.

     A four speed gearbox was standard equipment, whilst overdrive and a three speed Borg Warner automatic transmission were optional extras, although the latter option was not available on the S-variant.

     By October 1960, when production of the XK150 sports ended, a total of 9,395 units had been built, which consisted of 2,263 convertibles, 4,450 fixed head coupes, and 2,682 drop head coupes, with almost all the convertibles being exported.

     Very few "150's" were sold in the standard version.

     In many ways, this model represented the last of the traditional classic Jaguar sports car.


     A 1957-60 Jaguar XK150 would fetch in the region of £65,000/$100,000 to £90,000/$145,000, depending on condition, although a really superb example would command as much as £150,000/$240,000.



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