The MGB Mark 2 Sports Car

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     The MGB Mark 2 sports car was introduced in 1967. Up to that date, there had been sufficient changes to the car to warrant the creation of a Mark 2 version.

     When originally launched in 1962, it was available only as a convertible. However, a few months later, a detachable works hardtop, made from fibreglass, was made available.

     Furthermore, in 1965, a fixed head coupe version was launched, which turned the MGB into a practical, and very stylish three door hatchback.

     Some of the changes introduced between the launch and 1967 included:

  • The four speed gearbox now had synchromesh on all forward gears, whilst previously, only the top three gears were included
  • Some of the gearbox ratios were changed
  • Reversing lights were added to the rear valence panel
  • A Borg-Warner three speed automatic gearbox was offered as an optional extra (it was dropped in 1973 since it  had been fitted to only 5,000 cars)
  • A new back axle was fitted
  • The dynamo was replaced with an alternator
  • The electrical system was changed to a negative earth

     The new gearbox required major changes to the floor pan, whilst the shape of the transmission tunnel was altered so that it had a flat top. 

Technical Data                  MGB Mk 2               TR3               Alpine S5

Production:                      1967-1971         1955-1957       1965-1968
Output:                              123,978               13,377              19,122
Engine cc:                            1799                    1991                 1725
Cylinder, bhp                       4, 91                   4, 100                4, 92
Speed mph                           104                      105                   102
0-60 mph, secs                   11.2                     10.8                  13.0

                                                        Full Screen                                                                                                                                  Full Screen

                                                                                                 Full Screen

     During this period, US safety regulations had been furthered strengthened.

     This required MGB convertibles, exported to the US, to have the number of windscreen wipers increased from two to three to ensure that the entire windscreen was duly swept.

     Another US safety requirement was for the dashboard to receive a plastic and foam rubber cover, which would allow it to be designated as a safety dashboard.

     On the other hand, non US cars would retain the existing steel dashboard.


     In 1969, the original wheels, made of pressed steel, were changed to include the five stud Rubery Owen Rostyle version. Also, wire wheels became an optional extra.     


     Changes that year included:

  • As part of a styling change, customers would receive the luxury of reclining seats
  • The rear bumpers were positioned so that the number plate was in between
  • Marker lights were added to the side panels
  • Tail lights were redesigned to include amber turn signals
  • Cars exported to the US used the split rear chrome bumper
  • Heating and ventilation was uprated
  • A Michelotti designed foldaway hood was added


     A new front grille was added which was recessed, painted black and made of aluminium, unlike the original chromed version.

     Collapsible steering wheels were introduced on UK cars.

     In terms of performance, apart from a small reduction in bhp, there was no difference between the Mark 2 and the original 1962 model.


     A 1967-71 MGB Mk 2, in average condition, would fetch around £2,500/$4,000, whilst an example in very good condition would command anything between £5,000/$8,000 and £8,000/$13,000.



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